Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Finding Work That Matters - Mark Albion


It's time for another review. What can I say. This is THE audiobook for anyone out there who wants to make a career move ! Coincidentally, I use part of this book material in presenting my 9th speech of the CC series.

The book interests me because of the extensive use of stories, surveys and supporting info in presenting his idea across. One of the convincing story is about himself where he actually make his own career move in pursuing the work that matters him the most. His step by step explanation on how to steer from your current situation to achieve your dream work is realistic and achievable. He really able to convince me that I can achieve my passion without feeling lost on translation. As I have my own interest in financial planning, I hope I can slowly work towards that...

Step by step in finding work that matters
1. Who you are, where are you now - Accessing the current scenario
2. What you want to leave your legacy behind
3. Find out more by listening to it....

Some memorable tips
1. Don't become too good at things that you don't like to do
2. Don't teach the pig how to sing - it waste your time and you annoyed the pig
3. Paul/Peter principle - Paul - Continue to provide what we need to succeed. Peter - You'll be promoted to the level where you'll be incompetent.
4. Communicate with your love one when switching your career
5. Inject more of your interest related skill to your current work environment

Some memorable quotes
1. Pursuing passion later after you've enough money is like saving sex for the old age - Warren Buffet

All in all, this audiobook deserve 7.5 out of 10. It's one of my highly recommended title for those who want to change their career and pursuing your passion !

P/S : For those who missed my earlier post, CC = competent communicator


Dr. Mark said...

Thanks for the nice write up. I did this 3-CD series in 2002. This Fall 2008, the book follow up to this 3-CD series appears, entitled, "More than Money." Feel free to check it out on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/dp/1576756564/
While written specifically for MBAs (I speak at about
40 b-schools a year), I think everyone will find this a useful guidebook, with four basic questions and twelve lifelines for living a fulfilling life. The book contains stories to illustrate and sixty-four questions to help you develop your own destiny plan. More information is at the publisher's site,

in service, mark albion
co-founder, Net Impact

Victor AY said...

Hi Dr. Mark,

Thanks for the feedback. It's indeed very glad to leave some comment from the author itself. I wish you all the best in your future undertakings. Keep up the good work.