Monday, June 16, 2008

My new day - The Day That Turns Your Life Around review


I decided to start back my blog again. Wow ! Time do fly and I've open by blog since last December. I'm back !. Back with a vengeance. This time it's really for the passion and sense (investing on dollar and cents). OK. Let's start with my last Saturday activity. I've attended a preview of the Profit Blogging workshop. I picked up few tips and tricks.

Some elements of good blogs
1. Regular update ( 2- 6 times a week)
2. Relevant content especially about your passion (Don't try to talk about any possible news out there, we all know oil price had become RM2.70/litre)
3. Around 150 - 300 words (This is subjective, but still K.I.S.S)

Now back to business. My passion in listening audiobook had never abated. After finishing this audiobook, I'm compelled to share this with all my family, friends and colleague. In short, I found my reason !

Therefore, I would like to recommend you a audiobook that I've just finished listened. It's by one of the famous speaker, Jim Rohn. You can get this in bittorrent, Nightangle Conant, Amazon etc. The title is called The Day That Turns Your Life Around

Jim Rohn story is quite touching. At the age of 25, he met his mentor Earl Schoaff and work under a network marketing business. At the age of 31, he become a millionaire

In this audio programme, it's a compilation of his famous speeches and interviews on topics that are interesting to anyone. Some of the topics include
1. Goal setting
2. Time management
3. How to life a worthwhile life
4. Four emotional states that can change your life etc
5. Importantance of mentor

You can pick up a lot of quick tips and insight to success and achievement. I still able to pick up a lot of new things despite my numerous listening of his vastly available title.

What I like about the programme (+)
1. Programme is structured
2. It makes you motivated and becoming action oriented
3. Some of his best speeches in 1 programme. Good for those who don't have the time to listen to all his programme

What the programme could done better (-)
1. Narrative example of success stories to reinforce the idea mentioned
2. Material recording is quite dated, should include relevant topics i.e. globalization, emergence China and India

This is it ! My 1st posting on audiobook review to everyone in the Internet. Surely it won't be the last ! Do leave some comments if you have anything that you would like to share and if you have other stuff for me to read/listened. Contact me as well in case you need to borrow this from me.

P/S : In case anyone wondering what's K.I.S.S, it's meant Keep It Simple Stupid !

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