Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Last Lecture - Randy Pausch


Today, I would like share to with you all another very interesting audiobook. A real life inspiring story about a Professor who is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (A very lethal cancer that caused 95% fatality among sufferers). Dr Randy was given the oppurtunity to present his last lecture in front of a packed lecture hall last September 2007. The lecture is a customary to Carnegie-Mellon U for those who'll be retiring. Instead his last, was actually bought forward due to his illness. You can download the video available courtesy of youtube

How I came across this ?
I came across this while searching thru Amazon top 100 best selling books. The title of the book is called The Last Lecture The title intrigue me as why it's called this and it's not an academic book.


He outlines the following
1. My childhood dreams
2. Enabling the dreams of others
3. Lessons learned : how you can achieve your dreams or enable the dreams of others

He talks about brick walls
1. Let us show our dedication
2. Let us know how badly we want things. That does reminds me of my university days dream when I couldn't be a Computer Science student. I did graduate as a Master of Computer Science in UPM after a lecturer challenge me that I should pursue this if you complete my degree. Now I'm still working on IT and enjoying it :)

Important character traits that you should have
1. How to get people to help you - Karma works in wonderful way
2. Be earnest,
3. Tell the truth,
4. Apologise - i) What I did was wrong ii) I feel badly that I hurt you iii) How do I make this better
5. Focus on others not yourself

His Important Advice
1. Be good at something; it makes you valuable
2. Work hard
3. Find the best in everybody; no matter how you have to wait for them to show it.
4. Luck = preparation meet oppurtunity

His other advise
1. Get the feedback loop and listen to it
2. Show Gratitude
3. Don't complain just work harder
4. Sports teach us to have teamwork, preserverence, sportsmanship, value of hard work, dealing with adversity
5. For succession it is finding someone better than you to handover

People that you can learn from
The roles of parents, mentors, friends, colleague and students
Bosses - respecting them and question it
People that care for you will do the following - If they see you doing things badly and nobody is bothering to tell you that is a bad place to be. Critic still telling you because they care.

Time management advice
1. delegate
2. take a time out
3. speed up telephone conversation - i.e. call people at 11.55am, stand up while in conversation

In Essence
1. Have FUN !!! It's like telling the fish the importance of water and be a Tigger
2. Never lose the child like wonder
3. Never give up......

Important tips for parents
Let your children do their own painting at the wall. Don't stop them of their childhood dream of doing something great and wonderful.

Memorable quotes
"Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you want"
"We can't change the card we're dealt, just how we play in our hand"
"The truth will set you free"
"Loyalty is a 2 way street"

That was it ! Stay tune for more good audiobook review in the time to come

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