Sunday, June 29, 2008

Giving - How each of us can change the world - Bill Clinton


Just finished listening to this audiobook this afternoon. The book was narrated by the author Bill himself. I would say that makes the book much more convincing. Philanthropy has since picking up a lot of hype since we saw Warren Buffet and Bill Gates had committed large sum of their fortune to the betterment of the world. This title sums it all on the various initiative and foundation mainly in the States in providing all sorts of helps from AIDS and cancer movement to eradicating poverty etc. There's a lot mention about the Bill Clinton foundation which initiate various cause around the country. The book hope to give awareness on how/what/when/why/who/where can one give give contributions.

There's ample story of outstanding individual of various organization having adversity/challenge and in return giving much more in helping the society as a whole.

There's various topic on the giving from monetary, material to the intangible (time, service etc) There's special mention of social entrepeneurship (Grameen bank/telephone, microcredit etc) and how environmental conservation and initiative can be turn to a viable business. As we are aware, oil price increase had changed a lot of variables in the world that makes us to change the way we think about resource utilization and consumption.

One interesting note on this book is the various religion highlights and view of giving. There's view from Jewish, Muslim, Christian and even Buddhist. I like that a lot since it create understanding on how various religion view on giving and creating awareness for everyone to know.

All in all, I can only give this book a 5 out of 10. Initial chapters on various foundation and organization may sound alien to you since it's more familiar in the States. In addition it sorts of like a directory of information of various charitable foundation/organization to me. Not much mention of the activities in Asia except on the Tsunami that happen during 2005. This book may only be appealing to certain crowd or an interesting read to those who are working in the charitable, voluntarily organization as a motivational material/read. From there, you can emulate some of the strategies mentioned in the book and in return make yourself a better person.

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